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The choice of the correct anti-vibration eliminates the vibrations harmful to the structures and allows a considerable reduction in noise

The vibrations are generated by a rotary motion of electric motors, by strokes of presses, from industrial or natural phenomena. The anti-vibration, interposing itself between the mechanical source of vibrations and the anchorage to the ground, significantly reduces the vibratory noise, as well as the noise connected to it. The anti-vibration mount is placed directly under the source of the vibration to prevent its transmission to the surrounding environment.



What to choose and when to change

Cylindrical Mounts MM MF FF

The Puffer is a cylindrical anti-vibration with two housings consisting of two screws pressed on washers, or a nut pressed on washers, subsequently galvanized, sandblasted and adhesive, vulcanized on rubber compound.

Machine Mounts

Machine mounts do not require maintenance and last a long time; this is due to the particular truncated-conical shape of the metal reinforcements, which, under the various vertical and transverse forces of the suspended machine, stress the rubber at the same time as compression and shear-bending.

Busches & Ring Elements

The Busches & Ring Elements are developed to withstand very high workloads and are used where other anti-vibration mounts cannot normally be used. They consist of two iron plates and, in the center, natural rubber. The advantage is that they can be adapted to every need.

Cylindrical Mounts PM PF

The Cylindrical Mounts PM PF are cylindrical-shaped vibration dampers whose housing consists of a screw pressed on a washer, or a nut pressed on washers, subsequently galvanized, sandblasted, adhesive-bonded, and vulcanized on a rubber compound, with one side completely in rubber .