Quality policy


ETTER SAS of Etter Dario & C. is a company founded in 2002 with the aim of providing technical articles, specifically, rubber seals for the pneumatic, hydraulic and motor industry as well as food.

The top management of ETTER SAS of Etter Dario & C. defines and documents its commitment and that of its entire organization in order to pursue the quality path, ensuring, with determination and continuity, implementation through the identification of interventions needed.

In this case, ETTER SAS of Etter Dario & C. is committed to implementing its quality management system according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard, defining this quality policy and its objectives, the organizational structure, establishing responsibilities, identifying and making available the necessary resources and tools.

In carrying out its activities, the Management as well as the entire organization has the task of guaranteeing:

• a corporate organizational model capable of always ensuring high and adequate skills to be applied in the marketing of gaskets, molds for gaskets and technical articles in the pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical sector, as well as technical consultancy relating to these activities;

• establish every interaction with its customers and partners with the aim of creating added value while identifying present and future needs for the success of the organization;

The Quality Management System adopted by our organization is based on a corporate risk analysis approach that allows to determine the internal and external factors that could generate deviations of the processes with respect to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard and to implement controls estimates to minimize negative effects and to better seize the opportunities offered by the market by anticipating trends.

The Management ensures its commitment to provide the resources necessary for the achievement, maintenance and improvement of a good professional practice, for the quality of the products and services offered to customers; Furthermore, with the contribution of the Quality Management System, the Management hopes to establish a constructive mentality within the company, which allows it to proceed regularly in achieving the set objectives and to continuously improve company performance in compliance with the health and safety conditions in the workplace.

The ETTER SAS Management of Etter Dario & C. undertakes to ensure that this Policy is understood, shared, implemented and implemented by all its employees and collaborators and at the same time undertakes to share it with all stakeholders.

La Direzione della ETTER SAS di Etter Dario & C. s’impegna ad assicurare che questa Politica sia compresa, condivisa, implementata e attuata da tutti i propri dipendenti e collaboratori ed allo stesso tempo si impegna a condividerla con tutti gli stakeholder. All this allows to align strategies, processes and resources to achieve the objectives set by the organization.

This document has been disseminated at all levels of the organization through training meetings and exposure within the premises, and on the website in order to ensure its understanding by all employees, collaborators and all interested third parties in various capacities to the activities and services offered by ETTER SAS of Etter Dario & C.

On the basis of the general principles set out below, measurable objectives have been defined which are monitored on the occasion of the annual reviews by top management, in order to continuously improve the effectiveness The Quality Management System


1. Pay the utmost attention in identifying and meeting the needs of its staff, in particular employees and collaborators;

2. Constantly improve the quality of the management of the company and the services as well as the products offered with the consequent generation of positive results both of an economic nature and in terms of excellence and reputation towards the outside, with full satisfaction of customers and partners;

3. To guarantee professionalism always adequate to the needs of the interested parties and in any case of the reference market;

4. Continually improve the image of a responsible and efficient company;

5. Guarantee a constant action of valorisation, motivation and professional growth of people;

6. Respect the requirements of the Quality Management System and ensure its continuous and effective application;

7. Continuously review the Quality Policy to ensure its adequacy with respect for its people, in particular employees and collaborators so that they fully understand its contents by committing to implement them.

Risk management policy rev.01 issue date: 29/04/2019

ETTER SAS di Etter Dario & C.