The automotive sector presents a vast field of applications, which is requires adequate answers. In fact, given the multiplicity of the various mechanical elements, also the gaskets must be differentiated to satisfy the various uses. The required requirements concern the ability to protect from dust, to withstand different temperatures, oils, additives and fuels.

The gaskets designed for applications in the automotive industry must have the following characteristics: insulating, conductive, elastic, approved according to the strictest specifications, with high mechanical and chemical resistance.

The new challenge in the automotive sector is represented by electric motors, where the engine and gearbox are directly coupled. While the gearbox requires efficient lubrication, it is essential that the power unit always remains dry.

ETTER also does its part ...

The automotive sector represents our company's core business. Etter S.a.s. it boasts a great experience in the automotive sector making components for motor vehicles, earth moving machines and tractors.