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Their use is suitable for a static seal even in the presence of high pressures. Compared to O-rings, they offer a very large sealing surface, able to effectively counteract all the degenerative phenomena typical of the high pressure seal which tends to deform the rubber. The washers have excellent compression set characteristics and therefore, they can withstand considerable crushing. The choice of the compound and its hardness are of primary importance: with a very large sealing surface, a minimal difference in hardness can alter its tightness.



Realization procedures


The washers are made from a drawn wire. This system is economical but has some limitations: very large tolerances, inconstancy of dimensions and possible traces of foreign materials incorporated in the drawn product. The surface of the washer created by the cut is not smooth, and therefore of a lower quality than other processes. We recommend the use of this process for uses where the focus is mainly on the quantitative aspect. In fact, this production system guarantees extremely low costs and the possibility of executing multiple thicknesses using the same drawn wire.


The washers obtained from the sleeve have the internal and external diameters exactly the size of the washer to be made. The sleeve is cut with special machines that allow you to choose the desired thickness. This type of processing allows to obtain washers that can be used in automated systems. The main advantages are: thickness tolerance +/- 0.10; the quality-price ratio and the perfect flatness of the gasket.


Processing using water jet machinery offers a wide dimensional possibility. The realization of the washers is obtained by a jet of water and sand at very high pressure, which affects slabs of different materials. The negative aspect concerns the thicknesses that can be supplied which are linked to the slabs available on the market. This system has numerous advantages: no equipment costs, infinite dimensional combinations and minimum quantities.


Mold production guarantees the maintenance of the required tolerances and an excellent aesthetic aspect. The use of a mold is recommended when the production quantity guarantees the reduction of costs. In order to reduce the costs related to the equipment, our company proposes the use of pilot molds.